Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Animation

Here's another one I did.  Good gracious.   Its a good thing I'm going through my old pictures.  ;o)


I have not seen this animation in a long time.  And its no wonder...its been hiding on my hubby's computer.  By the way, you may use it.  However please give credit to All Nite Owls.  Its an animation I made a few years ago.  When I still knew how to make them.  *smile*
Thanks ♥ Mary


Just a silly pic of me.   *smile* 

Welcome to my blog

Inspiration.   It was through a friend's suggestion that "boosted" me to do something I had originally placed on the back burner.   Its something I tried before and well... nothing really came of it.   This time I am Inspired to get involved with making an online store.    I'm just in the beginning stages of it so far... so when its up and running I will run a link to it.   

Just my 2 cents worth:   This holiday season could have been better.   Could have been brighter.   But I allowed some events that happened (beyond my control) to cloud my thinking.   Life happens.  And when it does I should carry everything to prayer.   Let God take control.   

All Nite Owls is just a way to create.   I like to make cards and I'm learning to use some of those tools that used to collect dust.  lol.   

Last evening I had been on the computer surfing for some images I could use in my next projects.   Even though it seems there's an endless amount of images floating in cyber space... I can't seem to find what I like to use.   So I put on my thinking cap and thought.....  okay... I will share with you what I made... and maybe you would like to use this image in one of your creations.    I will let you know its my own drawing and would like for you to not keep it in a collection or sell it as your own.   

Thank you for popping by....  

♥  Mary